Everyday A Friday by Joel Osteen

Everyday A Friday is the latest offering from popular pastor Joel Osteen. Building on the wisdom conveyed through his previous works, the book helps us to make each and every day the very best it can be. It encourages us to think of those days that we would usually label negatively as empowering and something that has happened for a reason.

With an underlying Christian message the book is not indoctrinating and will appeal to those looking to transform their life. As with his previous books, Osteen draws upon personal experiences as he does in his ministries. This draws him closer to the reader, allowing the reader to connect with on a personal level.

This book will appeal to those of us that feel we don’t achieve all we can. Life today runs at a thousand miles an hour with so many aspects calling up our time and resources. Many people feel that they simply exist during the week so they can live fully at the weekends. This book encourages the reader to stop and engage in a little self observation.

Joel Osteen sermons offer hope and encouragement to his followers during these difficult times. Similarly, through this book, Osteen is reminding us to have faith in both ourselves and in God. By trusting that God will provide us with what we desire in life we become more optimistic and begin to live how God would want us to live. Each day should be lived to the full, even when life seems to be conspiring against us we are encouraged to use this to become even stronger. Osteen draws upon personal anecdotes to offer examples of how using this technique will help us engage fully in our own lives.

The book is divided into seven sections, offering a natural breakdown of the steps we need to apply to life. These seven parts together help us to create for ourselves a life worth living rather than living an existence. Applying these steps will help us live a fuller, happier life that can also enrich those around us with positivity. By fully engaging in our own life we are able to reach our full potential.

Joel Osteen sermons and books are famed for their positive and uplifting qualities and this book is no exception. It will leave you feeling more optimistic and help you to seize every opportunity that comes your way.

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