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Every Sunday there are many religious programs to choose from on network TV, yet one stood out as I flipped through the channels. Stopping at Joel Osteen’s program,
I casually watched it, and got hooked by the end of the program. The positivity and uplifting messages given by this talented pastor of Lakewood Church is

Having basic Christian values but being limited in my knowledge of religion in general, I haven’t spent much time in church as an adult. Being a workaholic, with
limited time and energy, by the end of the week I am mentally and physically worn out. Watching Joel Osteen on television on Sunday morning is my way of getting
spiritually recharged for the week ahead. If a sermon is going to catch my attention, it has spiritual meaning, yet isn’t too overly preachy or heavy.

For many, like me, who believe in God but aren’t knowledgeable in quoting scripture or other Biblical information, sermons that teach us the basics while being
upbeat are powerful and welcomed. When you turn on the TV today, there is so much pain and sadness that it can wear on you after awhile. How glad I am to have a
show to watch that isn’t going to depress me.

Having major depression, I am very careful of what I watch, and limit my exposure to overly stressful subjects out of necessity. Life has improved, the more
understanding I have of my condition, but it has been a lot of hard work. I am an avid news watcher, and as everyone knows, it usually is full of death and crime.
To counteract my exposure to less-than-happy subjects, I record Joel Osteen’s sermons and watch them to give me a boost during the week.

This man, whom I have never met, has helped me to maintain a better mood with his speeches on self-esteem, finding peace, decision-making, assertiveness, and more.
Messages that bring hope, faith and self-improvement are needed by everyone. This is why Joel Osteen’s following is huge. He has a converted basketball stadium for
a church, which is always packed every Sunday. And, when he travels to different cities, his locations sell out frequently. Being a skeptic naturally, it is
refreshing to me to find a weekly dose of peace in the form of a half-hour TV show.

When you go to his site, you can see the entire sermon, for free. If you like your religion “lite” then try watching this talented pastor’s show. Joel Osteen is a
savvy, well-spoken preacher with a gift of getting to the point and making scripture understandable to those of us who aren’t skilled in knowing it. It is clear to
me that Mr.Osteen is making the world a better place, one uplifting sermon at a time.

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One Response to “Joel Osteen Sermons”

  1. Mrs. Anita Santineer Reply January 30, 2014 at 4:39 am

    I was feeling very depressed with the situations around. I had sent some of my supportive christian friends for prayer request & then got on to your Inspiring msgs – Developing your pearl. I think that was just the right thing I needed, the voice of God to me through you. Please pray that I would become a BETTER ME with every one around & that I would be approved by God through EVERY TESTING that I JOURNEY LIFE THROUGH. Thank God for helping His HOLY SPIRIT to lead me to this message so that I would not still keep sitting & bruding through the situation.