Confident Thinking And Positive Action

In today’s fast paced society it is so easy to become absorbed by the sea of negativity that exists in the lives of those around us. We are living in times of social and economic challenge that regularly deliver doses of doom and gloom. Many people find themselves in a mindset of negativity without even realising how they got there. It can be very difficult to dig yourself out of this way of thinking.

Focussing on the negative from every life experience can lead to feelings of darkness and depression, everything becomes clouded with doom. It can be very difficult to find even a small shard of anything positive when caught within this self perpetuating cycle of negativity.

However people do manage to pick themselves up and move away from the darkness. The first place to look for help is within yourself, you need to develop and maintain an inner confidence in your own actions. Some people are able to take this action alone, but there is help from what many would consider an unlikely source.

The sermons and books of Joel Osteen ooze optimism and provide uplifting and enriching support for those needing assistance in finding their inner confidence. Instead of focussing on sin and punishment, Osteen tells his audience to live their lives as God would have us live, having faith in our own abilities and in God. If we expect great things to happen then God will provide them for us.

Osteen’s books offer a framework for life improvement. Each book demonstrates how to change negative thought processes into positive and confident thoughts through carefully crafted stages of development and empowerment. Positivity flourishes when it is nurtured and given optimum conditions for growth. Those studying psychology will be able to see the links with this area of science, Osteen’s words demonstrate his remarkable awareness of this subject. He encourages the reader to look for a positive outcome in everything; even in events that we would previously labelled a negative experience we should celebrate that they have made us stronger and offered enrichment..

Joel Osteen sermons and books have a worldwide audience but not all of his followers are Christian. Although written from a Christian perspective, the books are not indoctrinating and appeal to people from many faiths. His works offer hope and optimism to those caught within the spiral of negativity and shows how we can turn our lives around so we can develop to our full potential.

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2 Responses to “Confident Thinking And Positive Action”

  1. Hi,
    Am so glad God led me to your site, heard your preaching… so relevant to the world around us, provides me with freedom from the yoke of slavery. Would appreciate if you could send me some articles on promises I can claim from the Word.

    Thanks & God bless your ministry.

    Would pray that God make way for you to come to Kolkata.


  2. Without any financial help, having no money but I will buy these books.

    They are the weapon I have been searching to set me free, spiritually, my mind and soul!

    Thanks to my lovely wife who introduced me to Joel Osteen Sermons on Sunday Afternoon!