About Joel Osteen

Joel Osteen Mini Biography

Joel Osteen is the popular pastor of Lakewood Church, Houston, Texas that has found worldwide fame through his sermons. Lakewood Church was founded by his father who was the senior pastor before Joel. Many other members of his family continue to work alongside him at the church including his wife Victoria.

It had not been Joel’s intention to take over as pastor although he had been involved in the church prior to becoming senior pastor. He had been part of the behind the scenes crew in the television broadcasting of sermons from the church. However, the death of his father brought about this change of direction with Osteen performing his first sermon the week before his father’s death.

Joel Osteen sermons are notable for their positive and uplifting content and delivery. His sermons have received criticism from more conservative Christians and commentators who feel that Osteen’s sermons lack reference to the scriptures. In response to this Osteen has said that he is trying to emphasize the goodness of God rather than focus on sin and its consequences.

Osteen has published several bestselling books that focus on how to make your life better. Although the books are told through a Christian perspective they appeal to a wide audience. Osteen draws upon many of his sermons within his books and advocates looking at every situation through positive eyes. His beliefs are often said to be of the prosperity theology field of thought – the view that if we live as God will have us live we will be rewarded with what we want from life.

The popularity of Osteen shows no signs of waning with millions still tuning in to watch his weekly sermons and reading his books. As well as having critics within the media world he also has people who advocate his teachings. In 2006 Osteen was given the accolade of being selected by Barbara Walters as one of the ten most influential people of the year, recognizing the impact his ministries have on the lives of ordinary people across the world. That same year he was also named as the most influential Christian by readers of Church Report Magazine. Today Osteen continues to deliver his message on a weekly basis with millions of people applying his principles into their everyday lives.